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All Is Wellness

We were established in August of 2011 with the vision of bringing together like minded professionals in the wellness field to bring our community the best of healing body, mind and spirit. We own our own independent businesses and call All Is Wellness our home.

Exciting new addition!!!!!!!

Heather Mashuga, M. A.


Herban Alchemy Medicaments LLC

Call or text (518) 847-6699 or email

Heather has a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Studies, with a concentration in Herbalism. She offers herbal products, herbal consultations, and a variety of upcoming classes at All is Wellness. Her goal is to educate and empower people through sharing plant wisdom, and to help people find and utilize their plant allies for health and wellness. 

~Office ~

12760 Lake Blvd,

Lindstrom MN 55045

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